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March 3, 2018


Dear reader,


Welcome to our newest space, the blog Pedra de Toque, in which we intend to publish comments, interviews, reviews, impression on the Brazilian long-standing, anonymous, contemporary and traditional literature.

Therefore, we will include notes from the fields of sciences, philosophies, religions and arts, aiming to learn what Brazilian authors have read, thought about and published in e-pub or hard copy books, whether independently or bound to the publication institutions in our territory or elsewhere in Portuguese and in English languages.

We have already started in a delightful interview with the poet Léo de Carvalho, which was actually loyal to his interpretations and impressions of his great poetic art that we have been following up for over thirty years and is synthesized in his book O Sol Escuro [The Dark Sun].

Now, after a large publication of Carvalho’s interview, will shall publish the interview in progress with Mauricio R B Campos, author, amongst others, of Urban Mosaics, Primus AD, Origami, Guerras Cthulhu [Cthulhu Wars], and especially the reader of many traditional and contemporary authors, experience that he may outstandingly share in a quite profitable interview.

Felix Coronel, Argentinean author, is also present in our contemporary letters, with poetry, prose in best quality Portuguese language and translation as well. In our book, A Leitura Vivida [The Experienced Reading], we have made a slight analysis of his work, Como é que é? [What did you say?], and we have surmised a visceral author and full of novelties to tell us. In addition to this title, he wrote other books, among which, the bilingual Guaratubanas, a collection containing poems in Portuguese and Spanish, published when the author was living in Guaratuba, in Paraná.

We will hear the writer and publisher, Angel Cabeza, who can tell us a lot about Literature and the publications market and has written the poetry book, Vidro de Guardados [Saved Items' Glass], and the chronicles one, Sempre existe um último momento [There's always a last moment].

We will contact the writer and visual arts professional, in Rio de Janeiro, Márcio Couto, who has a very sharp literature and may also present us with an interview about his Relatos do Subterrâneo [Underground Reports] and other works he might recommend to us.

In all cases, the interviews will try to emphasize the very works of the writers and how they relate with reality or fantasy.

We also expect all readers, authors, literature and language researchers to interact in the blog, suggest readings worthy to be reread, and, therefore, read. In addition, we thank you all in advance for the dissemination of the blog for us [www.pedradetoque.com] so that we may feel already participants in the revaluing of the Brazilian education and culture.

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